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We only use industry leading eco friendly products.


Standard single oven and racks just £40.00 NO VAT!


​Oven cleaning is often voted as one of if not the most hated household chore. Most products from the shops are toxic, caustic and actually can rust your racks.

There are many reasons why people hire a professional oven cleaner, from taking them apart for a thorough clean, not enough time, to not physically able due to health issues or old age.

We use non caustic, bio degradable products on your oven. Your oven is deep cleaned by hand, and removable parts removed, cleaned and replaced correctly. 

We are fully insured.

Additionally, we have the competence to resolve the occasional problem especially with oven doors in an effective manor.

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Terms and conditions



We will endeavor to restore your oven and related appliances to the best possible condition. Access to the roof of the oven may be restricted, preventing perfect results, but will be  considerably cleaner. The vast majority of oven doors can be removed and split in half, however there are 1 or 2 models that can't. And some that can  be removed/split but in doing so create problems or damage. 

Older ovens and especially hobs with time can perish, rust, fade or crack and therefore cannot be removed. Your oven will receive a quick visual health check before work is commenced.

On rare occasions we may advise or refuse to complete a clean if we believe an oven to be of a very poor condition, as the results may not compliment our brand. And would rather you saved your money, but ultimately is the customers decision. All payments for our services must be paid via cash or bank payment on completion. However invite customers to inspect our work before payment. If in the unlikely event you are unhappy with the work, we will endeavour to put it right. However payment would still be outstanding. Slots can be arranged at a suitable day and time for both parties, but regrettably may not be able to offer anything at short notice (same day or week).

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