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Privacy Policy


At Oven Revamp we take our customers, and website users privacy seriously. We are committed in providing a transparent and responsible approach to personal information that we receive.

In order for us to provide the service offered, we will require your name, address telephone or email. 

Your information ie name, address and other contact information along with cookies that our website software obtains is handled confidentially and either disposed of correctly or stored. We may store your information either digitally or as a hardcopy to allow us 'Oven Revamp to fulfill our marketing strategies in the future (however this is not something we do often).

We use third party platforms such as facebook, Outlook (email centre), and Godaddy website management software to receive and store our customer and potential customers information. We handle this information responsibly as discussed above, but third party organizations are also responsible to adhere to their own privacy policy, and third party data via 'Oven Revamp'.

In accordance with the GDPR (general data protection regulation) and our privacy policy, by using this website and our services you accept the use of your information. 

At any time you can request that your information is deleted and disposed of (where applicable). However we are not responsible for the handling and disposal of third party platforms data.